About Us

Hennessy Advisors, Inc. is a publicly traded investment manager that oversees, services, and markets the family of Hennessy Funds. Hennessy offers a broad range of funds, including exchange-traded funds (ETFs), traditional equity, specialty category, and sector funds, as well as more conservative multi-asset products, with strategies that can play a role in nearly every investor's portfolio. Hennessy is committed to providing superior service to shareholders and employing a consistent and disciplined approach to investing based on a buy–and–hold philosophy that rejects the idea of market timing.

Consistent Investment Strategies

We understand that financial markets are volatile. Our investment strategies strive to dampen risk and preserve capital during turbulent times and to give investors the best chance to achieve returns that are balanced, mindful of downside risk, and sustainable over the long run.

Disciplined Investment Management

We adhere to our proven investment strategies in all types of market conditions. With history as our guide, we believe that investing success comes from choosing and holding quality stocks, and we simply won't allow media headlines, short-term market fluctuations, or emotions to distract us from our long-term objectives.

Superior Service to Shareholders

We pride ourselves on serving our shareholders with integrity, honesty, and candor, and we manage Hennessy Advisors, Inc. with their best interests in mind. 

Company Overview

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  • Current Assets Under Management

    $4.2 Billion

“The Hennessy Advisors team is committed to managing the company to deliver value for our shareholders.”
Teresa Nilsen, President

Hennessy Advisors manages 17 funds in the following categories:

Domestic Equity


Sector & Specialty